DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON - "The Art of Drink" series

DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON - "The Art of Drink" series


-1 1/2 oz absinthe
-4 1/2 oz chilled Champagne


1. Pour the absinthe into a coupe.
2. Top slowly with the Champagne.

    📗”The Art of Drink” series
    In this series, we will introduce a new drink to you each month.
    There’s no wrong way to enjoy your drink. Try our recommended guide or freestyle on the ratio until you find your personal reference.
    🎨The artwork is drawn by our illustrator.

    In every order, we include a small postcard of this print (calendar version); you can use it as a bookmark, for your journal, or place it at the back of your phone (our favorite way to use it)

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